Have you been neglecting your own health and wellbeing because you have always put your family first?


Are you stuck in a situation that you feel is limiting your potential and happiness?


Have you ever thought that you have it all figured out, but then got a huge slap around the head by life that brought you crashing back down to Earth?


Do you often feel tired for no obvious reason?


If you can relate to any of the above, you are like most women who always put their partners and family first and who have suffered physically and emotionally as a result.


Let’s be honest, if you are not happy and thriving, how can you possibly give your best to those who you love anyway?


Isn’t it time you put you first and invest in your own health, wellbeing and happiness?


Hi I’m Tanya and I fully understand your situation…


I’ve been there and I have also put both mental and physical health issues behind me for good, to become the high energy, happy, fulfilled person I always wished I could be.


And I want the same for you!


People who meet me today see me as a happy, vibrant and fun loving person who is committed to help others live healthier, happier lives.


And they have no idea that my journey has not been easy…


With mental health issues and suicide in my genes, I had to break generations of negative self-harming patterns in order to feel safe and secure in my own skin.


There were times when I slipped and almost gave up, but thank goodness I didn’t!



My determination to live a happy, healthy and joyous life was stronger than the alternative and has led me on a journey of continued education and personal growth for the past 30 years.


I began my career in health as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer whilst studying Naturopathy and I was a Core Energetics Curriculum Director for seven years.


Today I am a qualified practicing Naturopath with over 20 years clinical experience and I am an expert in bodywork techniques including Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Fascia Release.


I have achieved more than I could have imagined possible in my career; however what I am most proud of, is raising two well-adjusted, happy, dynamic boys who are both on missions to make the world a better place.


Dreams do come true, mine has and I love assisting others to also fulfill their dreams and desires, which of course includes and must be based on excellent health and wellbeing.


I have a unique way of working with my clients that is different to most Naturopaths


I begin with hands on work with the physical body because this is where your negative generational, childhood and life experiences show up in the form of discomfort and pain.


Working this way, I can help bring the cause of your discomfort and/or lethargy to your awareness quickly; then we can get to work and begin the healing process using the most appropriate means.


During the healing process I may use a combination of blood scanning and/or urine testing for further diagnosis, herbs, vitamins, minerals, infra-red sauna for detoxification, meal planning, counselling and neuro-plasticity techniques.


As you release toxic build up and old negative patterns from your body and mind, replacing them with new positive patterns, your energy and life will shift significantly.


You will have more energy, more enthusiasm and everyday will become a joyful experience as you only participate in activities that are fun or fulfilling.


And guess what?


All those little things that used to annoy you and drag you down will disappear from your life forever!


And best of all…


If you remain committed to this path to wellness for long enough, you will shed everything that has ever limited you or held you back in any way…


And all that will remain is radiant vital health and your true nature shining through in all its glory!


And what could be better than that?


However, as you know, staying focussed and doing what it takes on your own is difficult…


Hey, I’m going to start jogging everyday to get fit!


How long did that last?


You can’t do it alone; you need a well-qualified, empathic coach who can correctly diagnose, create a tailor made program and support you so that you follow through and don’t give up.


And this is exactly what I can do for you…


And I am passionate about helping you because I feel so happy when my clients experience positive breakthroughs and when I see them becoming healthier, more energetic and happier.


In other words, your health and vitality is my happiness!


So if you would like to have an obligation free chat, Click Here to contact me and let’s organise a suitable time.


Thanks for stopping by; I look forward to getting to know you soon.


Big love,


Tanya xx