Salt Water Purge - Miracle For Constipation & Detoxification

Tanya Roesler-Kirby - Monday, November 30, 2015

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Salt Water Purge Helps Keep You Healthy - For Pennies A Week! The search has been ongoing: 
How to purge the body of toxins efficiently, effectively, and economically. Now you can do it yourself. 
This simple salt water purge expunges and eliminates toxins from your body super efficiently, at home, in private, for literally pennies a week, without having to schedule a visit to the spa, without having to spend a small fortune on colonics, herbal cleansers, laxatives, manipulations, and massage. Developed by a Johns Hopkins University Hospital doctor in the 1920's and described in a prominent medical journal at the time, its effectiveness and down-home practicality eventually lost out to more exotic, extravagant, expensive, and usually less effective methods. Today, thousands are using it to help battle unwise food choices and their resulting toxic build up. In addition, the "salt water" can also effectively eliminate poisons that we take in unintentionally from the air and water.

Nutrition and an Inwardly Clean Body

While many holistic doctors are beginning to acknowledge the positive results of supplying the body with whole, natural foods, and while this is a definite step toward better health and long life, without the body being able to absorb nutrition properly, wholesome food cannot supply the nutrition it is supposed to. For this, the inner parts of the body through which nutrition is absorbed must be clean. Although fasting, herbal cleansers, natural laxatives, and colonics can be effective for inner cleansing; this purge cleans the entire alimentary canal from mouth to anus. 
(Colonics, although similar in some respects, clean only the colon.) Additionally, this salt water cleanser, after it has cleaned the alimentary canal, begins to clean at the cellular level, removing toxins and wastes that may have accumulated in and around the cells. Thus, the body can absorb nutrition from the food, and the cells can absorb the nutrition from the body.

FAQ's:   Before learning about the details, let's address two frequently asked questions.
"Isn't salt bad for you?" The salt water solution is the same specific gravity (the same salt content) as the rest of the saline based fluids of the body. It therefore passes out of the alimentary canal without being absorbed or retained. 
Furthermore, once the system is clean and balanced, using a little salt to flavor your food will do no harm because the body is functioning properly, eliminating wastes, and absorbing nutrition as it should. As a result, the body can easily process salt along with other minerals and vitamins. 

"Will elimination become dependent on this salt water cleanser?" No. If you use the salt water often, preferable every day, the waste elimination process in the body is given assistance, which is particularly important today when there are so many pollutants and contaminants in our air, water and soil. At any rate, should you stop using the salt water, your body will go back to eliminating waste as efficiently (or as inefficiently) as it did before. It's like wearing shoes: you can walk without them, but wearing them makes walking easier and safer.

Now for the details.

Salt Water Ingredients and Instructions

On a fasted stomach first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, drink LTR OF lukewarm water (ROOM TEMP OK, may be easier to drink) into which you have measured exactly one level tablespoon of salt. The measurements must be exact. Measure the water into a measuring cup or a jug with 1 litre clearly indicated; measure the salt by placing it into a measuring tablespoon and then leveling it off with the straight, back edge of a knife. Some tablespoons are full tablespoons when they are rounded. Be sure the tablespoon you are using is meant to be leveled off. 

Drink the litre of salt water in about ten minutes. You do not have to "chug" it, but neither should you sip it for a half hour. Stay near a bathroom, because a short time later the salt water will be eliminated through your bowels and colon carrying waste material with it. Add a small amount of Magnesium Chloride or Mg Sulphate if is not working, (up to 1 heaped tablespoon as required - Mg Chloride adds to the cleansing effect with no harmful side effects!) and then drink some more water to add to the pressure. Drink some water 15 mins after cleanse to speed up the cleanse!

The Gritty Details

The salt water mixture has the same salt content as the other saline fluids in your body, like blood, tears and sweat, and therefore passes through it without being absorbed or retained. When the body recognizes the salt water as an extra "portion," if you will, of waste eliminating fluid, it says, "Great. I think I will use it to help eliminate all this 
waste that is accumulating in here." Once it dumps the waste matter into the salt water, it flows out of you mixed along with a lot of junk. After that waste is gone, which may take as long as a few months, the body starts cleaning on a cellular level.

The digestive tract is a pressurized system. The capacity of the stomach is about 500ml (two cups) of liquid. After drinking one-half of the 1 ltr salt water, the pressure created in the stomach opens the valve between the stomach and small intestines. At this point the salt water flows into the small intestines and begins its cleaning work there. After drinking two more cups and finishing 1 litre, the further pressure from the additional two cups opens the valve between the small intestines and the large intestines, and the salt water begins its cleaning work in the large intestines. Eventually the water is eliminated through the colon, taking a lot of garbage with it.     

The reason we want the digestive system to be clean is so that it can absorb nutrition. Nutrition from most food, after digestion, is absorbed into , which are ?the blood stream through the walls of the small intestines lined with small, hair-like brushes called villi. The spaces between the villi are where nutrition is absorbed. These spaces must be free of waste material in order for vitamins, minerals and nutrients to pass between them, through the intestinal walls and into the blood stream. When the salt water cleans out the spaces between the villi, nutrition can be absorbed as it should.

More FAQ's, More Answers

"Should I take it every day?" Yes, if possible. In addition to promoting healing, most likely will find you have more energy, feel better, are less prone to many illnesses, including obesity.

"What if the salt water does not come out my colon?" It's OK; it only means your kidneys need flushing. Keep taking it; eventually your kidneys will be flushed and it will start to work on your digestive tract.   

"How long do I have to wait before I can eat breakfast?" Because it takes five minutes or less for the salt water to pass out of the stomach and into the small intestines, you can eat breakfast five minutes after finishing the litre of salt water.

I have been using the salt water purge every day for the past 27 years. I feel it is no coincidence that the last time I saw a doctor was...27 years ago. The foregoing material is informational only; it is not intended as medical advice.

  • Most foods, protein, carbohydrates and starches, are digested and absorbed into the blood stream through the intestines. The exception is sugar. Both natural sugars like those in fruit, and unnatural refined sugars like those in candy bars and soda pop, are absorbed into the blood stream in the stomach.
  • 200 years ago digestive tract cleansing, fasting and bowel cleansing were the norm. Now nobody talks about it, nobody even knows about where most dis..ease starts! And we are all Dis..eased
  • Did you know that your digestive system has more nerve endings than your brain, making it your first brain?..Why, because if your digestive system malfunctions, your brain doesn't get what it requires to function..So, in reality[whatever that is] we have 2 brains, one to process the food and transport it around your body to the areas that require it, and one to use the energy to  carry out daily tasks.
  • Keep your insides  clean, and your outsides will .gleam!

By: Richard A. Bowen [with bits by] Source:  August 12, 2007, Richard A. Bowen is a Wisconsin author and publisher. Contact him at

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