The power of the Far Infrared sauna!

As a naturopath of the 21st Century I am always on the lookout for techniques that can best serve my naturopathic clients. “Most people” dread the word detox; they put it in the too hard basket. It is time consuming and after all, who wants to get sick before their health gets better?

Almost fourteen years ago I discovered the Physiotherm Infrared Sauna whilst strolling through the Living Now Expo in Sydney. It impacted me immensely! It seemed so inviting for those cold winters day with its warmth, peacefulness, soft light and smell. It was the ultimate sensory experience for me. What could feel so fantastic and be so wonderfully healthy for me at the same time? All I needed to do was sit, read and relax. “Keep it simple” has always been my motto!

For thousands of years, dating back to the Ancient Tibetans, saunas have been part of the human experience. The most recent development in hyperthermia today is the Far Infrared Sauna (FIR). Being part of the sunlight spectrum, the far infrared (dry heat) induces sweating at a lower temperature than a conventional sauna (moist heat steam). So, especially for the heat-intolerant, it makes it much more comfortable. The FIR wavelength penetrates 1.5 inches below the skin to warm and stimulate the metabolism and circulation.

Other brands of Infrared Saunas are now on the market; the choices are endless. Unlike conventional saunas, this particular type of heat is a dry heat with no steam. It’s normally used at 35 – 45°C and permits normal breathing. The specific wavelength of this heat is a form of energy that warms your body in such a way that you will continue to feel the benefits long after your session has concluded.

Beginning as a complete novice, I have embarked on a journey and I now feel fully qualified to offer advice for anyone else considering profound detoxification. I have experimented and endured many hours at various levels of heat to find a daily routine that best suits me.

Some days my tolerance may be low and a 20 minute sauna will suffice. However, if we take the process of detox deeper over a period of months - even years – our bodies will respond with incredible compliance and ease.

Over a period of years, with increased water consumption the body can sweat out toxins and pollution from the environment — not to mention alcohol, tobacco, prescription medicines and illicit drugs. Nutritional supplementation is a great complement to thermotherapy. When we lose toxins through sweat, we naturally, also lose minerals, vitamins and electrolytes that need to be replaced. The FIR is an extremely effective way to detoxify, and is as enjoyable as reading a book in the sun…