Integrative Naturopathy

Tanya has been a qualified, insured and practicing naturopath since graduating in 1998.

She is a professional health educator, that has been teaching for many years. She taught young girls and teenagers "Deportment and Grooming classes" through her modelling agency in Perth.

She also taught aerobics classes as a fitness trainer, also in Perth.

Her specialised sessions aim at assessing the client in a holistic way. Tanya has a passion and fascination with understanding how people tick. The nervous system has therefore been one of her favourite systems in the body.

Aware of the pressures and stresses people experience in day-to-day life, Tanya loves to address underlying ways to unwind and relax the body as a whole. Along with intuitive bodywork treatments, her naturopathic skills in the clinic involve lab tests, a microscope and manual applications to help align her clients.

The appointments last for 30 minutes.